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Cloe Goes To College

From a small rural town in the South, Cloe is on her way to the big city to attend her freshman year of college.  Her strict mother would prefer Cloe remain at home and attend the small college in a nearby town but Cloe had her heart set on this particular school for quite some time. Cloe's mom finally gives in knowing full well her husband's sister Alexandria lived near the University and could easily look in on her from time to time. What she didn't know until recently was that Alexandria owned a large home just a few blocks away from the school, and
when she volunteered to take Cloe in for the school year, everything seemed set. In fact, things couldn't have turned out better after learning that Alexandria employed very similar methods of dealing with naughty disobedient teens, even if they were 18. Little did Cloe realize that she would soon be in for the same form of punishment from her Aunt that she would get at home any time she disobeyed certain rules. 

It's not long before Cloe finds out first hand just how strict her sweet Aunt can be when Cloe disobeys a set of rules Alex received from her sister-in-law. Not one to disappoint, Alex immediately delivers a very sound bare-bottomed spanking using both her hand and large wooden hair brush. It doesn't take long before Cloe graduates to a higher level of implements when the next occurrence reveals a thick leather belt and a very mean and nasty sorority paddle drilled with holes.

Cloe receives three very hard and very long spankings in this production including a very wicked session with Aunt Alexandria's belt. How wicked?? Let's just say we showed mercy and had to stop!

Please note: All video situations are spontaneous and therefore very real. On occasion this may present slight background noises from TV's, air conditioners, etc.. Nothing fake about these spankings!


Cloe Goes To College

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