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Hidden Camera Spanking

This is for real!!

Before his girlfriend came over, he hid the camera and aimed it at the couch, where he planned to give her a HARD SPANKING!

She knew she was going to get spanked, but she didn't expect this!

He turns her over his knee, lifts her skirt, pulls down her panties, and gives her a REAL HARD PAINFUL BARE-BOTTOM spanking!!

She kicks her legs and wiggles around wildly, pleading with him to stop, but he just keeps scolding and spanking her hot stinging RED BUTT!!

She struggles desperately to get off of his lap, but she can't ESCAPE! He overpowers her and firmly holds her wrist behind her back, while he continues to SPANK her, AS HARD AS HE CAN!!

Choking back sobs, she repeatedly BEGS him to stop.

Her gorgeous smooth sore bottom turns BRIGHT RED, and her eyes well up with tears!!

When her spanking is finally over, she admits that she deserved it. Watch how she shows her appreciation!!

You've got to see this video!!

Hidden Camera Spanking


Two Ways to Watch!

Pay-Per-View VHS

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Non Members $49.95  

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